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Entrevista a Octavi Mestre.(parte III final)

The project was jointly promoted by the Generalitat of Catalunya and the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs. The architect editor of the project was Josep Bunyesc Palacín, and Constructors XEDEX was in charge of the delelopment of the works.

The preexisting buildings were respected, keeping thr architectural volumes, dignifying the heritage of the place and respecting the existing morphology.

The Masia (farmhouse) was adapted for an administrative office use, as it's main purpose, and a public service in addition to spaces for exhibitions and events.

The project of Rehabilitation and Adaptation of Mas de Melons is part of the exhibition "Mostra d'Arquitectura Catalana de les Terres de Lleida" that was opened for visiting until June 24th, in the Museo de la Paeria (Palau de la Paeria).

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2014-06-13 by : Elena Orteu Email :

Muchas felicidades a todo el equipo por esta obra y es pecialmente ahora por haber sido escogida esta Rehabilitación del Mas de Melons, obra realizada por Constructora XEDEX, finalista en la 4a Mostra d'Arquitectura de Lleida en la categoría de Rehabilitación.

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