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  • Valls i Taberner

    Valls i Taberner

    Rehabilitation of areas in front and 50's farm, consisting mainly of repairing fronts cantilevered balconies, with respect to facade and main staircase restoration and patio light with lime stucco with respect to areas common, also including garage and outbuildings repainting common deck area. M2. BALCONIES: 315 m2. CRANE AREA: 500 m2.

  • Villaroel


    Complete restoration of façade based lateral columns and beams cast in cataloged building early twentieth century, plant demolition and playing back one level as plant type structure, closing galleries Technal aluminum frames imitating the original enclosure . Continued crowning cornice of the main facade of the building as galleries and auction of the transition to the low wall covered parapet blind. Interior finishes of painted drywall galleries and parquet flooring laminate flooring. M2. GALLERIES: 144 m2. Facade surface: 235 m2

  • Gallo, Esplugues de Llobregat.

    Gallo, Esplugues de Llobregat

    The works consisted of reform inside the houses, facade repair and modification of facilities.

  • Entenza, Barcelona

    Entenza, Barcelona

  • Valencia, Barcelona

    Valencia, Barcelona

    It is multi-family residential building between party downstairs, with neighborhood gateway at both central and local position on either side, construction of the building dates from 1894. The facade is about 12 meters long. Natural stone pillars overall plant floor is painted lime stucco. Ornamental motifs embossed on the balconies, pillars, corners, copings and cornices. The rear facade is built through the galleries of homes, with a horizontal structure of wrought iron beams and slab pottery, wrought in situ, and coated. Galleries open with protective railings with wrought iron bars worked. Practicable enclosure elements of the wooden galleries. painted

  • Via Laietana, Barcelona

    Via Laietana, Barcelona

    Building comprising ground floor which houses the commercial and six floors for housing. The main facade is composed of stone balustrade balconies artificial, in the first and sixth floor, the rest are balconies with metal railings enclosure. Facade openings in both window or balcony, there ornamentation stone in its upper part, and the closing is done with wooden shutters booklet

  • Diputació, Barcelona

    Provincial, Barcelona

    The works consisted of rehabilitation of residential building noucentista with top-quality finishes, with an approximate area of 4,100 m². The reform included the modification of courtyards and distribution of new housing. Recovery leaded woodwork. Recovery of lime stucco and graffiti in the stairwell. Playing old woodwork galleries post. Demolition and reconstruction to accommodate four-floor penthouses with terraces. Hall decoration with wooden cladding Marote, Solnhofen natural stone pavement Serra.

  • Cornet i Mas

    Cornet i Mas

    Comprehensive rehabilitation of a multifamily building located in Sarria - Sant Gervasi (Barcelona). The first phase of rehabilitation has consisted of a complete structural reinforcement comprising demolition of old slabs formed by wooden beams, a steel beam reinforcement Return Catalan, for subsequent reconstruction using forged steel decking. The second phase involves repairing of different facades, ringing those areas shabby stucco calcium rebocando areas rejuntando transplants and fissures, and otherwise complete the construction of the different houses that form the building, in the highlighting the installation of underfloor heating through. This building consists of ground floor, plus three more ground cover type plants in thirteen dwellings he found three shops. The total floor area of this building is 959.71 m2.

  • Via Laietana II, Barcelona

    Via Laietana II, Barcelona

    Restoration work on the facade restoration consisted of vertical to discover the original lime plaster. Following technical specifications Heritage. Recovery original moldings slabs templates by running "in situ" by successive applications of special mortars. Restoration balusters railings consisting replacements to repair affected forge rails, grafting new handrails, skirting and frills. Finish painting iron particles. Repair Original woodwork, booklets and balconies. Recovery of natural stone in mouths, cornice brackets and fascias and walls of the ground floor. Restoration dome "trencadís"

  • República argentina

    Republic of Argentina

    Partial rehabilitation of main facade in 70 farm, consisting mainly of the total replacement of the fronts of artificial stone balconies, to prevent landslides, including slabs waterproofing balconies aluminosis affected without structural intervention, and replacement of pavements. Cleaning facade facings selective waterproof side including brick and color retouching thereof. M2. Balcony: 70 m2. CRANE AREA: 490 m2.

  • Urgel, Barcelona

    Urgel, Barcelona

    Façade restoration Estate noucentista recovery slabs of natural stone balconies. Treatment stucco finish on walls based silicate glazes and natural pigments. Reproduction of molded wooden gate, as project documentation and original farm

  • Sant Pau, Barcelona

    Sant Pau, Barcelona

    Integral Rehabilitation of Multifamily building and commercial reform. Recovery original Baroque façade, stucco conservation and patinas.

  • Entença, BCN

    Entença, BCN

    Comprehensive Rehabilitation residential building, highlighting the main facade intervention, worthy of mention in 1996 and awards Rehabitec management and structural reinforcement of the rear facade that affected the farm and his mate mentioned in C / Tamarit.

  • UPol. Ind. Can Bertrand - Nave Transversal, Sant Feliu

    Upol. Ind. Can Bertrand - Transept, Sant Feliu.

    Restoration of the nave roof, consisting of healthy wood truss roof repaired also, likewise forged roof was reinforced floor, between the existing structure by adding, removing a pillar between.

  • Creu Coberta

    Creu Coberta

  • U.B falcultat de economía y Empresa, Avd Diagonal, BCN

    UB Faculty of Economics and Business, Avd Diagonal, BCN

    Rehabilitation of plant cover 1700 m2 + 650 m2 Corrective maintenance performed in two different housing types in the same building, 650m2 1700m2 landscaped and paved with floating slab. Renovation of the original waterproofing system offering better guarantees the installation of a continuous membrane projected. Finishing of both covered with graded gravel pouring selected. To emphasize the partial replacement domed skylights

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