• París (Esq. Avda. Diagonal), Barcelona.

    Paris (Diagonal Esq), Barcelona.

    The renovated building is approximately 3,500 m2, consists of a basement, which houses the electrical room, utility rooms and transformer station, ground floor lobby and seven type plants, plus the eighth floor where the engine room and a small house for the keeper. Were demolished around 500 m2 of floor to win a large central courtyard, as opposed to the existing patinejos convoluted succession. We performed a structural reinforcement of slabs with compression layer of 5 cm Expanded clay lightweight concrete, and walls, consisting of 6 cm shotcrete with mesh reinforced concrete wall linked by connectors, also made ​​a felling of overhead added by the reinforcement in the 1st floor, with large metal profiles. Installations of electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire, voice and data.

  • Escola Sant Miquel – Sant Feliu Llobregat

    Escola Sant Miquel - Sant Feliu de Llobregat

    Proposed reform and expansion of the school's special education Sant Miquel, to adapt as needs presented regulations. The performance was to demolish the existing building fully maintaining the facade stabilized because this is a protected facade the equity. After this performance we proceeded to the execution of the new building of 1,492 m2.

  • Polígono Industrial Can Bertrand, Sant Feliu de Llobregat.

    Can Industrial Bertrand, Sant Feliu de Llobregat

    Tall Ship - 1285 m2 - Property Development The object is the rehabilitation of the former factory complex of Can Bertran de Sant Feliu de Llobregat, specifically the tall ship. The overall dimensions of the building are 42.37 long by 9.94 wide by 14.48 high and largely retaining the dimensions of the original building, which consists of Pl ground, first and second

  • Cornet i Mas - Barcelona

    Cornet i Mas - Barcelona

    Comprehensive Rehabilitation apartment building. Structural reinforcement, partitions, fixtures and finishes of homes, local areas and urbanization passage

  • Avd. Diagonal - BCN

    Avd. Diagonal - BCN

    Comprehensive rehabilitation of the building, setting standards and adequacy of facilities, which meant redoing the building's HVAC installations, all without stop working facilities in the occupied plants and alternating with new occupations as were reforming. Several plants were reformed and reforming reoccupation 5 basements with formation of new vehicular access ramps and a 6th centralized facilities. The building consists of approximately 20.000m2 surface of which 7.000m2, are underground

  • Avd. Diagonal - Pº de Gracia

    Avd. Diagonal - Pº de Gracia

  • Creu Coberta

    Creu Coberta

    Recovering a modernist house approx. 220m2 that was in very poor condition. It makes a deep structural intervention, preserving the facade towards Creu Coberta which reproduced the balcony slab, and restored facade decorative elements, recovering its original image. The new rear facade towards Cap de Guaira, however, is with precast, glass, and hardware that show contemporary intervention

  • Bailen, Barcelona

    Bailen, Barcelona

    The purpose of the work has been the rehabilitation of building homes and commercial premises. The building is about 1910 so the fact that construction is prior to 1932, leading to fully preserve the main facade. The rehabilitation project increases the number of flats per floor, from two to four, with a surface area of between 53 and 58 m2 and a single bedroom with open space and sliding doors. The courtyards are kept current on the surface and dimension, and through them are great openings for cross lighting to homes. On the top floor is maintained housing, changing its current distribution and the floor area is reduced by eliminating the existing storage and adapting the rest of the spaces of the building the facilities needed by the new technologies of solar and air conditioning accumulators concentrated in the cover. The existing commercial space is transformed into two local The floor area is 2216.88 m2

  • Diputación, Barcelona

    Provincial, Barcelona

    The works consisted of rehabilitation of residential building noucentista with top-quality finishes, with an approximate area of 4,100 m². The reform included the modification of courtyards and distribution of new housing, at 4 per plant. Recovery leaded woodwork. Recovery of lime stucco and graffiti in the stairwell. Playing old woodwork galleries Technal aluminum post. Demolition and reconstruction to accommodate four-floor penthouses with terraces. Excavation work by bataches 2 floors below ground, for parking and storage; realization by micropile foundation in core access from the building to the garage. Hall decoration with wooden cladding Marote, Solnhofen natural stone pavement Serra, elevator enclosure super-white glass and locks. Comprehensive project facilities, including home automation and ACS with solar preheating.

  • Independencia


    Rehabilitation of farm early twentieth century, consisting of the main facade restoration, staircase and lobby, reinforcing the structure with wooden floors Mecanoviga system, termiticide treatment, adequacy of facilities, mullion connections and plumbing and electricity. Facade surface: 264 m2. Structural reinforcement AREA: 380 m2.

  • Turó de la Peira, Barcelona

    Turó of Peira, Barcelona

    The works consisted of the structural reinforcement of floor joists by placing 2 D 12mm 500 AEH ends anchored and secured to the beams with epoxy mortar high strength reinforcement of load-bearing walls, roofs repair flat facades and repair thereof coated with polystyrene insulation, fiberglass mesh and cement adhesive layer, covered patio mortar monolayer and changing facilities.

  • Elisabets, Barcelona

    Elisabets, Barcelona

    The works consisted of the rehabilitation of a residential building: structural reinforcement and Reform in 8 homes, matching areas, deck stairs and elevator installation, restoration of facades and interior courtyard. Strengthening plant covered by metal profiles. Hydraulic elevator installation.

  • Via Laietana, Barcelona

    Via Laietana, Barcelona

    Rehabilitation of residential building, top-quality finishes. The courtyards maintain its surface and dimension, also has done remodeling the lobby, stucco restoration, elevator and entrance to the estate.

  • Sant Feliu, Nave Principal

    Sant Feliu, Mainship

    Mainship - 3000m2 - Rehabilitation The object is the rehabilitation of the building known Mainship. The building is the result of the partial demolition of the north end of the ship. The project consists of creating two new vertical communication cores, embedded in the overall volume, and rehabilitation of the rest of the building. The core north will close with a prismatic volume with the existing roof. On the cover was placed on two levels, in the future, the facility maquines necessary. The overall dimensions of the building are: Mainship: 54,00 x22, 30x16, 00 m in height.

  • Velazquez, Madrid

    Velazquez, Madrid

    The works included the renovation of the building to be earmarked for offices, with previous works of demolition, reinforcement of forged metal, new surveying and concrete slab, masonry for new distribution, formation of new flat roof, flooring, carpentry, furniture and finishes and execution of all facilities, urbanization of inner courtyard parking and landscaping. Also included the adequacy of the facade and carriages pass collection recoverable parts, restoration and subsequent placement

  • Pasaje del Reloj – Barcelona

    Pasaje del Reloj – Barcelona

    Rehabilitation works on the ground floor and mezzanine of an estate built around 1885. Subsequent actions, especially in the 70 executed had disqualified deeply this space of 1200 m2. The implementation involves numerous structural, conservation of the property, spaces functionally adapt and recover the formal definition of the same through the input light. Remarkable as important aspects of restoration, recovery of skylight that defines the access shaft of the clock Passage and splendid reproduction existing skylight that illuminates the future Hall.

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